Cacarinette In Provence, The Secret Of Christmas

Cacarinette In Provence, The Secret Of Christmas


Something huge happened to me, something incredible!

It’s not because of anything silly that I’ve done, I’m as sweet as an angel, because it’s nearly Christmas…

The terrible thing, is that I’m not allowed to talk about it: It’s top secret!

I would so love to tell you! What if we made the most of the magic that is Christmas? Come on! Join me, walk into my story, you will find out my Christmas secret.



An extract of my book, for you, my friend :



Chapter 1





   It was seven o’clock in the morning and summer was at its end. Fanfarigoule was stretching out and waking slowly. The village was so proud to diffuse the mingled scent of scrubland herbs. The delicate and well-meaning Mistral was brushing aside the sea mist, revealing a blue Provençal sky, the promise of a beautiful and pleasant day.

   A beautiful and pleasant day? That’s without taking into account the vitality, energy and strong character of a mischievous adolescent!

   In the centre of the old town of Fanfarigoule, at the top of the Montée des Souriceaux, the old stonewalled village house could have awoken peacefully, had it not once again, become the stage for a rather unique adolescent’s tantrum:
 Cacarinette, twelve and half years old, was having a tantrum! And not any old tantrum, the worst one you could ever have when you were angry… with yourself!
   - I
 am so ashamed! She exclaimed as soon as she woke up! No! What a dream! Ridiculous! If my friends found out…

   Arielle, Cacarinette’s mother, although used to her daughter’s fiery temperament, arrived in her room, out of breath!

   - Good morning my darling. What’s wrong? What did you dream about?


   In other circumstances, Cacarinette would have asked her mother if she had the right to enquire about her dreams or thoughts. But in this case, she really regretted having been too chatty and thought:


   «What did I dream about?  Too late!     I have talked too much, but I can manage the situation!   I’m twelve and half and I’m a big girl!   I can’t say that I met FatherChristmas in my dream!   What would they think of me?   How embarrassing!   And my friends, what would they say?  It’s terrible! They’d ask me if I still believed in Father Christmas! And what about Damien, my Parisian friend, who always makes fun of me, he would do it even more! Just thinking about it embarrasses me so much! ».


   Cacarinette’s face flushed suddenly at the thought of Damien, he was so cute… Her heart began to beat quickly.


   - So, what about your dream? Asked Arielle, impatiently.


   Cacarinette’s mind started racing and she thought about the strategic plan that her honour depended upon:


« So? The only possible answer was a complete lie! So big that what she said would seem true! This was the price she would have to pay to escape shame! As far as she was aware, shame wasn’t an illegal currency… », thought the little rascal.


With a malicious smile on her face and without batting an eyelid, she said:


   - I dreamt, or rather, I should say, I met the college Principal!

   - You met the college Principal? Are you sure Cacarinette? And what did the Principal say to you? Asked Arielle, never surprised by her daughter’s self-assurance.

   - That I need to check the post, because he has sent me a letter of congratulations!

   -   The Principal has sent you a letter of congratulations! Well that’s fantastic! What about the repeated summonses that daddy and I have had to respond to, did he talk to you about those, Cacarinette?


   Instead of answering, Cacarinette gave her usual answer: she jumped up and gave her mum an enormous kiss on the cheek, but the latter didn’t give in:


   - The Principal, in person, congratulates you!  You’re dreaming Cacarinette! I would even say that you BELIEVE IN FATHER CHRISTMAS! Yes that’s it Cacarinette: YOU BELIEVE IN FATHER CHRISTMAS!


   Cacarinette was very surprised that Arielle should use this expression! She couldn’t believe her ears, because her mother never said that! The expression that Arielle often used, came to mind:


 « There is no such thing as coincidence! »  Why on earth did Cacarinette think about that particular sentence? It was ridiculous, but coincidences exist don’t they?


   Well there we go! That was a coincidence right there! And anyway, what was she scared of? Receiving a letter from Father Christmas? It was impossible, because he didn’t exist


   Well at least, that’s what Cacarinette thought up until now



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